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Welcome to the club. No IDs needed.

Nice to meet you! We’re two fearless over-50, still-working-for-a-living women who are excited and admittedly shaking in our low-heeled boots about starting a blog. It didn’t exactly help when a teenage daughter’s reaction to us becoming bloggers was, “Oh, how cute!”. 

Far from being cute, this blog is intended for all women over 50 to explore, encourage and share tales from the field of this spectacularly freeing, frightening, confusing, hilarious, emboldening time of life. The fact is, being fearless doesn’t mean we no longer have fears. (Watch for our upcoming posts on, “Things that keep us up at night”.) It means we ultimately don’t let fear stop us from living a relevant, fulfilling and empowered life. We use fear to motivate us because we don’t want to see it win.