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Love GirlsGone50 Style

How many of us have gotten into fights on Valentine’s Day over Valentine’s Day?

After years of overpriced dinners, gifts that get returned anyway, and getups that make us feel like mutton dressed as sausage, we’ve arrived at this profound bit of wisdom:

Love means never having to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”


My voice can be heard, pealing above the throng, or flinty below the bellowing, I can stand in this square of my own making, being all that I am, knowing that even if not quite hip, heedless hits thumbs up or down, polls be damned...


For the full poem by writer M.E. Mishcon, click on the link.

Welcome to the club. No IDs needed.

Nice to meet you! We’re two fearless over-50, still-working-for-a-living women who are excited and admittedly shaking in our low-heeled boots about starting a blog. It didn’t exactly help when a teenage daughter’s reaction to us becoming bloggers was, “Oh, how cute!”. 

Far from being cute, this blog is intended for all women over 50 to explore, encourage and share tales from the field of this spectacularly freeing, frightening, confusing, hilarious, emboldening time of life. The fact is, being fearless doesn’t mean we no longer have fears. (Watch for our upcoming posts on, “Things that keep us up at night”.) It means we ultimately don’t let fear stop us from living a relevant, fulfilling and empowered life. We use fear to motivate us because we don’t want to see it win.

Ad dudes, listen up!

Ever wonder what happens to all those golden people in ads, ages 25-40, that brands love to target? Unless we're mistaken, they actually get older along with the rest of us, who become more accomplished and, generally, have more disposable income. 

Having spent decades working in the notoriously ageist advertising industry, we saw a market opportunity that 30-year old dudes coming to work in shorts and a graphic-T are just not able to see.

Ready for a tummy un-tuck?

We know you’ve seen this look on lots of younger women but we’ll let you in on a little secret - it’s made for us! Not only does it add some highly desired definition and casual chic, it hides a multitude of sins from muffin tops to marshmallow bottoms.  So you can have your rolls and eat them too.