Working with a Charming Prince

Working with a Charming Prince


 Sure, celebrated fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski discovered, at age 11, that he was a real Prince with a title that stretched back half a millennium to the Polish House of Lubomirski.

 “It was a title with no material evidence but a wealth of history,” he explains.

And yes, he has authored a bestselling children’s book Princely Advice for a Happy Life which he penned for his young sons as a guide to living as Lubomirski’s mother advised, “ to be a prince in your heart, and in your actions.”


“If you do have a 'princely duty,' it is only to be a good person, kind, noble and true.”

“Treat everything on this planet as you would want to be treated.”

“Look after your teeth….they are the first things people see when you smile.”

And, “When possible, take care of the bill when dining with a woman.”


Did we mention that Alexi also was the official photographer of the engagement and wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex?

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But the real reason we chose HSH Alexi Lubomirski to shoot the latest round of our new campaign for the luxury retreat, Golden Door, is that his work has a way of transporting one to beautiful and magical places within ourselves. Just like Golden Door. 

True to his own advice,  he is a prince to work with, a humanitarian ambassador for Concern Worldwide and a vegan activist to boot. And he’s incredibly charming. But in an approachable kind of way.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to spend the day with a Prince, come away with us to the Golden Door and enjoy our video interview with Alexi as he turns his attention to women over 50. Maybe fairy tales do come true.

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GG50: Can gratitude make one more photogenic?

GG50: Is there a beauty you see in women over 50 that you don’t find in younger women?

GG50: You’ve been vegan for years. How can we each do our part for the planet?

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