Woman at War

Woman at War


In honor of International Women’s Day today, we urge you to go see Woman at War, an Icelandic film that celebrates a woman over 50 and challenges the gender imbalance in the world.

Variety called the movie “An intelligent feel-good film that knows how to tackle urgent global issues with humor.” It’s also a quirky, action-thriller.

IndieWire called it “An artful fable that examines what it really means to save the world, Woman at War is the rarest of things: A crowd-pleaser about climate change.”

Rarer still is that its lead character, Halla, is a 50-something woman who is both charismatic (gasp!) and a modern-day superhero.

Halla, who by day is a choir director, is as badass as they come. Jason Bourne, beware! She’s also an environmental activist with a backpack full of gear, and a bow and arrow that literally brings transformers crashing down. She single-handedly takes on the aluminum industry that is polluting her beloved countryside.

All while she is in the midst of adopting a child from Ukraine.

To watch a woman over 50 in a role that is typically played by a man was an unexpected treat and incredibly empowering.

Even better it has inspired us to explore how we can become our own middle-aged superhero and go out and make a difference.

So today take some time for yourself and celebrate women all over the world. Go see Woman at War.

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