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The world needs more kindness, more understanding, more joy, more laughter. More pants that don’t bind. If you want to contribute to that, please share your story, your courage, your wit and wisdom by writing for Girls Gone 50. And even if you’re not a professional writer, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a great story to tell. We are always looking for new voices and perspectives that make us feel like we're all in this together.

What's Good For Us 

  • Personal essays that highlight resilience, reinvention, adventure, personal growth and all kinds of relationships.

  • Humor pieces with pithy observations and unique, diverse points of view about life gone 50.

  • Honest stories about challenges large and small and how they have changed you in (mostly) positive and hard-won ways.

  • Married, married with children, empty-nesters, divorced, single with children, single with pets, single with children, parents and pets, recently single, blended families, LGBTQ perspectives, you get the idea.

  • And because we’re those kind of women, we love making lists! Subjects such as Things that Keep Us Up at Night or Things I Wish I Never Bought. Be creative, funny and fresh.

What's Not For Us

Snark. Negativity. Judgment.

 Story Categories

We'd be so pleased if your story fit into one of our categories below. However, if we love your story we can let out a seam here and there and squeeze you into one.

  • The In-Between - In between jobs, in between caring for children and parents, in between your beloved family home and that new Airstream, in between partners.

  • Fearless Not Fearless - The ways we look fear in the eye and the ways in which we are still mustering courage.

  • Rated M - Menopause and other mature issues.

  • Read Between the Laugh Lines - They’ll laugh, they’ll cry, they’ll feel so much lighter after reading your piece.

  • Persisterhood - Empowering stories of ways, large and small, in which we never give up saving this world we call our personal responsibility.

The Nitty Gritty

  • Submissions should be roughly 500-1500 words.

  • We do not pay for submissions at this time. However, we will reward you with heaps of accolades and the opportunity to help shape this community.

  • Include a title with your article. Choose shorter, provocative headlines which ask a question or offer a solution.

  • Feel free to include a preferred image or photo, landscape format, as close to 686 x 385 as possible. However, we reserve the right to choose a photo that we consider more fitting for GG50's aesthetic style. (Note: Google image search is not a viable search option. Stick to personal photos, royalty free pictures and Creative Commons licensed photos from Flickr.)

  • Please be aware that a submission does not guarantee publication to the site. The Girls Gone 50 team reserves the right to decline posting stories which we feel are not a good fit.

Submit your ideas to us by filling out the form on the right. Or feel free to contact if you have any questions. You go girl. 





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