If, like us, you don't believe age defines you, that substance is the new sexy, who is kicking ass instead of sitting on it, and who loves having a good time as long as you get enough sleep, please join the club by commenting, contributing, liking and sharing our stories, and just as importantly, yours. No IDs required.

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A Brief History

Back in the day, we were literally the only two girls in the creative department at a major advertising agency. Susan was a copywriter. Kathy was an art director. A fast friendship formed over good creative, bad bosses and lunchtime shoe shopping. Two weddings, six children, seven cats, six dogs, two entrepreneurial ventures and a lot of life’s curves later we decided to start our own agency, Grace Creative, aimed at women of a certain age.

Why on earth would you do that now, you say? Well, a) we saw an opportunity in this "niche" market that has a combined net worth of $19 trillion but is largely feeling alienated by advertisers, and b) brands are still speaking to mature women as if they were either girls, grannies or even worse, guys, and c) we are now those women. And we don’t like you talking to us like that, young man. 

What we do like is advancing the conversation about the incredible strength, guts, wisdom, beauty and importance of women during one of the most under-rated and misunderstood times of life. And so our blog, Girls Gone 50, was born. Because the babies may be out of the house, but we're never too old to give birth to new ideas. 


Susan and Kathy